Passengers rights

Air traffic companies have the legal obligation to inform you on your rights and on the places where you can file your complaints.

Denial of embarkment

You have the right to claim compensations in amounts from 125 to 600 EUR, depending on the distance and the delay caused by the rerouting.

Long delays

In case that the delay exceeds five hours, you have the right to claim the reimbursement of the ticket, but only if you give up your trip.


You have the right to receive financial compensations except for the following situations:

  • you were informed on the flight cancellation with 14 days before, or
  • the rerouted flight is close to the initial one, or
  • the air transport company can prove that the flight cancellation was decided based on special reasons.
Assistance provided by the air transport companies

Depending on the circumstances, in case you are refused the embarkment or your flight is cancelled or delayed, you have the right to receive assistance (meal, communication, overnight accommodation, if case). If you are refused the embarkment or your flight is cancelled, you may choose between continuing your trip or the full reimbursement of the ticket.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Passengers with reduced mobility and disabled people are protected against discrimination and, beginning with the 26th of July 2008, they may benefit from adequate assistance (under certain conditions), on every airport within the European Union.

Identity of air transport companies

t is advisable to know in time the identity of the flight operator. Air transport companies that fail to provide safe flight conditions are banned or must undergo some restrictions within the European Union territory. These companies are shown on:


Air transport companies are liable for the damages they cause following delays ( up to ± 4.800 EUR), for luggage damage or loss (up to ± 1.200 EUR), as well as for body injuries or casualties produced following accidents. Yet, they are not liable in case that they took all possible measures for the damages to be avoided, or if they were in impossibility to adopt such measures.

Touristic packages

Tour operators must provide accurate information about the holiday tickets they book, to respect their contractual responsibilities and to ensure protection of passengers in case of insolvency of the organizer.

What should you do in case that you consider your rights as a passenger have been violated?

In case that you consider your rights, as stipulated by specific law referring to passengers of air companies, have been violated:

  • contact the air company or – in case of people with reduced mobility – the airport.
  • if you are not satisfied with their feed-back, you may file a complaint at one of the enforcing national bodies (ONPA). Full details regarding all enforcing national bodies may be found on the internet web site of the European Commission:

Additional information on:
or dialing Europe Direct: 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11

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