In accordance with Customs Code stipulations, the following goods are to be declared in writing and are mandatory to be submitted to the customs authority:

  • mobile cultural goods, those that have a cultural, historic or artistic value at the moment when they leave Romania;
  • species belonging to wild flora and fauna;
  • guns, ammunition, explosives, radioactive and nuclear materials, strategic products as they are mentioned by special laws;
  • drugs or substances with impact on the human psychic, as well as their precursors, biologic or mass-contamination materials, pills that contain drugs or other substances that affect the human psychic, essential chemical substances, as well as toxic substances;
  • cash in amounts that exceed 10.000 Euro / person as they enter/leave the Community.

The declaration is to be submitted on a special form provided free of charge by the customs officers, at travelers request.

Failure to declare the above mentioned goods has as a consequence criminal or contravention penalty.

When entering Romania, the following goods are to be declared by passengers coming from a non-EU state, in case they exceed:

  • 100 cigarillos (cigars weighing 3 gr/piece);
  • 50 cigars;
  • 250 g of tobacco for pipe;
  • 1L of alcohol and alcoholic, distilled drinks, as well as spirits containing more than 22% of alcohol, or proof spirits that contain 80% alcohol or more;
  • 40 cigarettes;
  • 2L of alcohol and alcoholic drinks that contain alcohol less than 22% of their volume;
  • 4 liters of wine;
  • 16 liters of beer;
  • 50ml eau de perfume;
  • various goods, others than the above mentioned, within the limit value of 430 Eur / traveler.

Values exceeding those limits must undergo taxation, VAT, excise or any other tax due to the State' budget at the moment of their introducing into the free circulation in Romania.

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