Airport security

Security regulations at the Oradea Airport

There are car parking spaces for the public at the Oradea Airport.

Parking or stationing of a vehicle in the forbidden areas that are marked accordingly may lead to the blocking or lifting of those vehicles.

Oradea Airport is an objective under video surveillance.

It is forbidden to leave non-attended luggage or to abandon luggage on Oradea Airport’ premises, even for short amounts of time. In case that such luggage is found, they will be regarded as suspect and may be destroyed for security reasons.

The access in the security check area is allowed only to holders of valid boarding passes.

Prior going through the metal detector gate, passengers should take off their coats, jackets, belt etc., to take off the things they may have in their pockets and to put them into the special cases in order to be checked separately. Portable computers and other large size electronic devices must be taken out from the hand luggage in order to be examined separately.

When in security control filters area, passengers must follow the instructions provided by the security officers.

It is advisable that passengers wearing a pace-maker to inform the security officers about it prior to passing through the metals detection gate.

In order to avoid crowding in the security filters’ area, passengers must make sure they don’t carry any of the forbidden items in their luggage (either carry-on bag or luggage).

Passengers are forbidden to have upon them or to carry the following items:

forbidden items in airport
  • a. guns, fire arms or others of the kind
  • b. sharp objects / objects with blades
  • c. dangerous objects
  • d. explosives and flammables
  • e. chemical and toxic substances
  • f. liquids, aerosols, gels

Exceptions may occur in case that the liquid:

  • 1. is to be used during the flight and it is prescribed by the doctor or part of a special diet, babies food included. At request, passengers must prove the authenticity of the specific liquid; or
  • 2. has been purchased within the air operations area, after the check point of the boarding passes, from one of the selling points that have been previously controlled and approved within Airport security program, but only if the liquid is put into a sealed bag and only if satisfactory proof is presented to demonstrate that it has been purchased on Airport premises during the same day; or
  • 3. has been purchased from the security area with restricted access, from one of the selling points that have been previously controlled and approved within Airport security program; or
  • 4. has been purchased from an Airport of one of the other Member States, on the condition that the liquid should be kept in a sealed bag and to be able to present satisfactory proof of the fact that it has been purchased from the air operations area of that Airport during the same day; or
  • 5. has been obtained on board of an aircraft belonging to an Operator of one of the Member States, on the condition that the liquid should be kept in a sealed bag and to present satisfactory proof that it has been obtained on board of the aircraft during the same day. .

After landing, passengers that have luggage must NOT eave the arrivals terminal unless all luggages have been handed. In case that there are passengers that have left the arrivals terminal without their luggage, they must contact the airport security staff in the public area, in order to recover it. THE ACCESS OF ALL PEOPLE THAT ARE IN THE PUBLIC AREA, IN THE ARRIVALS AREA IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

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