Operational and technical information

1. IATA and ICAO location indicators assigned to Oradea Airport:

  • Code ICAO – LROD
  • Code IATA – OMR

2. SITA and AFS addresses in operational communications system:


3. Operating conditions authorized on the airport:

  • IFR and VFR

4. Characteristics of concrete movement areas:

Concrete track surface:
  • 01-19 2100m x 45m
  • 19 precision approach runway CAT II
  • 01 landing direction without tools

Concrete platforms of embarkation/disembarkation:

  • Concrete platform no.1 measuring 266m x 118,5m with a capacity for 6 parking places, of which two places for aircraft of type Boeing 737 900 series or Airbus A320 and 4 for aircrafts ATR42, ATR72, SAAB2000, or similar
  • Concrete platform no.2 measuring 158m x 60 m with capacity of 3 parking places for aircraft of type ATR42, ATR72, SAAB2000, or similar.

5. ICAO reference code for concrete runway:

  • 4C for concrete runway

6. Radio navigation aids:

  • ILS/DME – On instruments landing system / distance measuring equipment.
  • NDB – Non-directional radiophar
  • PAPI – Precision approach slope indicator CAT II
  • PAR – Precision approach radar
  • RVR TRANSMITTER – Determining the distance runway visual range

7. Aerodrome category for rescue and fire fighting:

Means of rescue and firefighting are provided for CAT 7 ICAO

8. Facilities provided to air operators:

  • Customs and border services, according to the airport's operating hours
  • Aerodrome Air Traffic Control
  • Self Briefing
  • Concrete runway lighting system (flight navigation)
  • Handling services provided by Romanian Airport Services
  • Information systems and telecommunications
  • Facilities of the terminal:
    • Luggage processing system
    • Offices for aerospace agents and businesses
  • Medical services
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